Science That Is Kind To Nature

Regular cleaners are formulated with the house in mind, but not the people who live in it. Most regular home cleaners often consist of harsh chemicals like bleach and intensive fragrance. These can trigger allergies in sensitive skin (particularly children) and can be dangerous for pets.

It is almost ironic how home care products designed for the purpose of cleaning our homes leave behind residue that is anything but “clean”. The chemicals used in regular cleaning agents are non-biodegradable, which means they will forever be present in our environment, leaching toxins into water bodies and the ground. On top of it all, such products are sold in plastic packaging that leads to enormous amounts of waste.

Proklean was developed with the idea of using the power of science to work hand-in-hand with nature, to create cleaners that are safe, effective, and sustainable. Our home care products use ingredients that are bio-based, harnessing the power of microorganisms to not only clean but sanitise surfaces. They are eco-friendly and biodegradable, so you never have to worry about your little ones or furry friends being exposed to any toxic residue.

It’s not just the formulation that is kind to nature. Our product packaging is fully recyclable, and we follow a strict circular production process- meaning our production is 100% sustainable, with minimum waste generated. 

It’s why we were able to receive GreenPro certification, which is the highest  mark of guarantee in India that a product is environmentally friendly throughout its life cycle. 

Change begins at home. Join us in our journey to make India a safer, greener home for all.

What Makes Proklean The Better Choice?

Proklean has an edge over regular cleaners by being effective and safe, while also being 100% biodegradable. Watch this video to learn more.