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We started with a mission- to make safe, effective, and sustainable home cleaners.

Safe, Effective & Sustainable

Safe not only for your family, but for the planet as well

Science That Is Kind To Nature

Tough on germs, kind to the planet.

The better choice for a Greener tomorrow

Sustainable, earth-friendly home cleaners, made with the family in mind.

Make the switch to safer, greener products.

Ordinary home cleaners contain many chemicals that can cause allergies and leave residue.

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A Revolutionary Range Of Bio-based Cleaning Products

Fabric Detergent - ProFab

ProFab effectively removes stains and softens clothes, leaving your clothes fresh-smelling and good as new. Low-foaming formula means it uses less water to rinse, helping you save on water consumption.
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Floor Cleaner - DeepImpact

DeepImpact doesn't just remove stains from your floor but actively kills harmful germs and viruses, ensuring your home is clean at all levels. Our formula is 100% pet-safe and baby-safe.
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Perfect for your clothes and for the planet

Our unique Germ Guard technology sanitises your clothes effectively, protecting your loved ones from harmful germs or viruses. Watch this video to learn more.


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It always makes us smile when we hear how you enjoy your products! Here, Pratiksha Palande speaks about our range of products, what she likes about them as well as her favorite products. Thank you so much for the kind words!

Customer Love

Sanghita Roy

Today used the ProFab detergent for the first time. The clothes smell clean, including the sportswear. No overpowering fragrance. They are soft without having to use any fabric conditioner.

Sanghita Roy

Allen D'souza

Finally got an easy solution to my greasy problems. Cleans well, easy to use, soft to hands and smells good too.

Allen D'souza

Seethalakshmi K

Great product which is mild on hands and cleans up very effectively . And above all the scent it leaves is amazing

Seethalakshmi K