5 tips to keep your kitchen sparkling!

5 tips to keep your kitchen sparkling!

Have you ever had milk spill out of your vessel or gravy splatter over your kitchen counter? Whether you’re an expert at cooking or an amateur, maintaining a clean kitchen can be difficult for everyone! Gravy stains, oil splatters, crumbs and vegetable peels can end up making your kitchen unhygienic. Even worse, they often reach the most inaccessible places of your kitchen, making them a pain to clean.

It’s no wonder that cleaning the kitchen is considered a tedious chore. But it doesn’t have to be. You can easily have not only a clean but a sparkling kitchen by following these 5 tips:


While cooking in the kitchen, crumbs can easily get into tiny cracks and crevices. Not only are these a pain to remove, they can also be dangerous if they are exposed to fire. But how can you clean them away when they’re so hard to reach? Wooden skewers can help! Keep a few with you in the kitchen and use them to reach those spots and crevices easily.

Kitchen shelves:

Most of the times while cleaning, kitchen shelves are overlooked. However, accumulated crumbs and fallen ingredients in these shelves can make them a very enjoyable spot for pests. If you have many shelves or have shelves that are packed with many ingredients, cleaning them can be very time consuming. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner. Yes, that’s right! You can use a vacuum to suck up crumbs and dry leftover ingredients very quickly.

 Kitchen Sink:

The kitchen sink is easily the most used part of the kitchen. It has dirty utensils, leftover food and more interacting with it every day. It’s bound to get dirty. If you want to clean the sink, use a microwaved kitchen sponge! All you’ve got to do is soak the kitchen sponge in water. After that, place it in a shallow utensil that is microwave friendly and microwave it gently for five minutes. Allow it to cool and then use it to clean the sink with dishwashing liquid and hot water. You’ll notice that the kitchen sponge is able to clean a lot more efficiently and your sink gets completely sanitised!

Greasy counters:

Oil splatters in the kitchen are unavoidable and they can make your kitchen appliances and counter tops very greasy. However, if you scrub at these too hard, you could end up scratching your kitchen appliance and counter. Instead, use a kitchen degreaser! Kitchen degreasers are especially made to remove hardened, greasy stains from your kitchen surfaces without you having to scrub too hard. Since these are very powerful, a chemical kitchen degreaser could have stronger chemicals in it. This can be toxic, especially in the kitchen where you are making your food. Instead, use a natural degreaser such as Proklean’s GreaseOut. Made of bio based ingredients, GreaseOut is not toxic for your health or the environment either. It removes greasy stains very fast without leaving a speck of residue. You won’t have to keep scrubbing anymore!

Foul odour:

A clean kitchen shouldn’t smell bad. If you have foul odour emanating from your kitchen, it could feel unhygienic. To remove the smell, use baking soda! Baking soda absorbs foul smells. Keep a bowl of it in your kitchen while you’re cooking and you can easily have a clean smelling kitchen.


By using the above tips, cleaning your kitchen will become a lot easier. You won’t have to think of it as a chore anymore and will be sure to want to cook more often!

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