How to keep your house allergy free for your pets

How to keep your house allergy free for your pets

Most of the time, allergies are associated with environmental factors like pollen. However, did you know that your pet could be allergic to common items in your house as well?

Allergies in pets are broadly of three varieties: skin allergies, food allergies and inhalant allergies. Skin allergies are caused by a pet coming in touch with an allergen while inhalant allergies are caused by allergens in the air. Food allergies, as the term suggests, are caused by food eaten by the pet.

Many of these allergens can be found in your house itself and can be taken care of to ensure that your pet feels pawsome again!

Dust mites:

These are a common air borne allergen that pets are allergic to and are found in bedding and furniture. They can also be in the stuffing that your pet’s bed is made of, especially if the stuffing is made of wool or feathers. Eliminating these dust mites entirely can be difficult but by washing bedding and vacuuming often, they can be reduced significantly.


Smoke from cooking or from your furnace is not only harmful for your health but it can cause allergies in pets too! This is especially true for cats. Changing furnace filters can help. You can also purchase air purifiers for your house, which could drastically reduce this allergen.


Fleas are often brought into the house by the pet. When the saliva of these fleas comes in touch with your pet’s skin, it causes allergies. If your pet has extreme itchiness near their tail or if there is dirt on their bed, it may be because of fleas. Using a medicinal spray and also washing your pet’s fur can help remove this allergen.

Floor cleaners:

Did you know that floor cleaners are a very common cause of allergies in pets? There are toxic chemicals present in floor cleaners such as ammonium and xylene. When pets are exposed to these chemicals, they can become allergic. The best way to remove this allergen is by switching to a natural floor cleaner such as Proklean’s DeepImpact. DeepImpact is a powerful floor cleaner that contains no harmful chemicals. It is completely pet safe and non toxic.


If your pet is vomiting, having a loss of appetite or is having itchy skin near their stomach, it could be because of a food allergy. The most common food allergies are caused by beef, eggs, chicken and dairy products but a change in the brand of pet food you buy might also be the culprit. By switching brands and proteins that your pet is allergic to, you can eliminate this allergy.

Most of the times, common items are overlooked. However, as these allergens can be easily remedied, it’s best to take care of them without wasting a meowment and ensure your pet remains healthy in your house!

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